» Why filtered water compared to bottled water?

Filter the water already available at your own premises, and ensure your own unlimited supply of fresh, safe drinking water.

Why purchase, store and lift heavy bottles of expensive factory bottled water?

» Why is filtered water more affordable?

The more Pure Endless Filtered Water you drink, the more you save!

One fixed price regardless of much you use, instead of paying for every bottle.

For example, if you are purchasing 2 bottles per week, we can save you up to 50%

» What do your filters remove?

At Aqua Filters, the quality filters we use are tested to NSF standards and remove chlorine, chemicals, heavy metals and bacteria, sediments and odours.

» How often will my water cooler be serviced?

We service your water cooler twice yearly to ensure the highest standard of maintenance and hygiene.

» Why choose Aqua Filters?

We are proudly locally owned and operated Geelong business and in most cases we can offer same day service.

We stand behind each and every high quality product.

Local service means we are not far away and easily contactable with any issues.